Reporting and Analytics

To be fully aware of how a brand is performing through Digital, you need real-time data and an easy-access overview of performance to streamline reporting, improve efficiencies and easily visualize performance of accounts KPIs. We have created two tools that tackle this – Reporting Dashboards and Insight Lane Scripts.

Reporting Dashboards


It is more important than ever to have integrated digital media data that is easy to access and interpret. Our product does just that by supplying our clients with bespoke meaningful reporting dashboards across one or multiple channels.



Key Benefits: 

  • Cloud based solution accessible from any device
  • Customisable data & access to a specific users
  • Integrate Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, etc. campaigns performance
  • Dynamic commentary and report archive
  • Provides data in a real-time environment
  • Export data to multiple formats such as PDF or Excel


The reporting dashboard technology syncs data from software, web tool APIs, as well as other external sources.

The tool works across all channels including search and social and any tech platform with API and/or FTP access can be linked to the dashboard. Custom metrics can also be created in order to reflect clients’ KPIs and marketing objectives.

The dashboard provides a solution that frees up time in client and agency teams to spend on more valuable and higher priority tasks, providing efficiency savings and lower resource costs.


Insight Lane Scripts

As Search and Social accounts are becoming more complex to manage and maintain, the Strategy and Consultancy team at Performics has developed a platform that automates tasks, audits and campaigns optimisations, giving clients and teams both new capabilities and time and resources savings in the areas that truly counts for Paid channels.

All  of our scripts are built as ‘API Functions’ which allows the usual limits of scripts (frequency and complexity) to be completely surpassed.

We combine this with our experience building easy to use and understand dashboards to give our teams and clients a simple, centralised view . Our simple, colour coded hygiene view grants users  at a glance visibility of scripts results and lets them determine whether action is needed.



Key Benefits: 

  • Monitor account performance and keep record key metrics
  • With scripts running hourly or more, they can identify potential problems or opportunities at the moment they occur
  • Use a growing list of tools to automate time consuming or impossible processes