Market Intelligence

With an integrated and consistent digital strategy in place, it is important to set specific goals or KPIs and to then keep track of progress

Tracking and measurement tools like Google Analytics are great to give an indication of performance, but in order to have a clearer picture, brands should integrate these with other monitoring tools that deal with sentiment, efficiency and relevancy as opposed to just volume.

The Strategy & Consultancy team offer Search and Social monitoring which gives a comprehensive view of a brand’s position in its landscape, as well as the landscape itself.

A clear picture of performance, progress towards KPIs and feedback from interaction with content will provide a brand with all the necessary insights to target the right audience.

Search PPC & Shopping Landscape

With the Search landscape and E-Commerce environment becoming more competitive, this highlights the importance of having a strong, effective strategy in place to ensure maximum efficiency and value in investment.
In order to produce a 360 degree Search strategy, recommendations will be made on prioritisation between PPC and Shopping and gauging Share of Voice across Search.

Initially, an extensive PPC audit will be carried out of existing search activity and the relevant Paid Search landscape to identify areas of Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT), while ensuring strategies involve full integration between all platforms.

Shopping analysis will highlight when a brand’s ads are appearing, when competing advertisers’ ads are appearing and how often they are appearing. As well as recording brand’s coverage based on its own Shopping ads, we can highlight a brand’s overall Share of Voice on the SERP, identifying when the brand is being advertised by retailers.

Search Visibility Index

Key Benefits:

  • Get alerts to discover new competitors as they enter the market place, and identify advertisers bidding on the same keywords
  • Reveal ad rank strategies & discover performance evolution of a brand and its competitors
  • Monitor competitor’s performance over any given time period, and understand their creative strategies

As the PPC, Shopping and SEO environments continue to become more competitive across Google and Bing, it is essential to have up-to-date information at your fingertips, in order to gather the insights and analysis needed for strong, effective strategies.

Keep ahead of competitors and aware of affiliates and partners’ activity with Performics’ proprietary search landscape monitoring technology.
The analysis will highlight when ads are appearing, when competing advertisers’ ads are appearing and how often they are appearing. It will highlight how often each individual ad has been served, and call out competitors’ messaging, promotions and strategic approach to their ad copies.
Based on a collection of predetermined keywords, it will benchmark brand performance against its core competitors.

Share of E-Retailer's Shelf

As the E-Commerce environment continues to become more competitive, it is essential to gather data and insights across the web in order to assess retailer landscape and adjust your e-commerce strategy.

The analysis you need is a comprehensive view of your brand’s and its competitors’ presence within online retailers pages. This allows industry and category benchmarking, identifying competitor visibility, monitoring product prices and accompanying claims, and leveraging e-commerce performance metrics to inform activation teams.

This added layer of insights can be used in conjunction with existing Search landscape reporting which typically informs clients of their position and presence on the SERP.

Key Benefits

Gain online shelf insights for your brand’s presence on retailer’s pages vs. competitors

Ensure retailers are compliant with your product pricing and marketing claims.

Utilise to help inform media buying across paid listings as well as helping define strategy across social and search.

Social Monitoring

As the social environment continues to become more competitive, social monitoring is an essential way to gather up-to-date information at ease in order to obtain insights and analysis needed for strong, effective strategies.

Key Benefits

Measure your campaign effectiveness by comparing results against your top competitors

Reveal your competitors paid social activity scheduling and distribution strategies

Gather results across multiple social media channels for effective and strategic competitor analysis

Social Monitoring allows us to deep dive into your brands current status across the social media landscape and provide actionable comparisons against core competitors, split specifically by each social channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn). We collect key social metrics, such as the number of online fans and followers, audience post engagement, user activity and competitor post distribution.

Our analysis allows us to add insights to social and content planning campaigns, as it enables you to see interactions per post in order to identify which content generates the highest interactions from online users as well as assessing which page is best performing overall.

Social Listening

Utilising social analytics and listening platforms, we capture brand and user online posts and identify and monitor’s online trends that impact a brand or client across multiple social media channels.

Key Benefits

Compare brand vs competitors online activity and audience interaction rates across multiple social media channels

Reveal top demographics, current online behaviours and topic interests of which brands may not have been aware

Discover new audiences to target through monitoring online social discussions in relation to a brand

By social analytics and listening platform we captures brand and user online posts and identify and monitors online trends that impact a brand or client across multiple social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Blogs. This is done through analysing the content of online posts and conversations which will enable an understanding of how users feel about a brand vs its competitors.

Additionally, social listening underlines the different ways in which audiences engage with online content and trends, and will help assess the most effective avenues to target these people with the right content.